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lightweight-camera-stabilizer - CopyProfessional videographers that specialize in wedding photography, shooting videos for indoor and outdoor sporting events, or any type of occasion where large crowd gathers have been using camera stabilizers for many years because it provides them the support that they need while allowing them to move freely when capturing photos or shooting videos. Aside from the professional camera that they are using, they also carry with them light weight camera stabilizer systems. These are a great replacement for heavy and bulky tripods. I’m sure every photographer would agree that carrying a tripod with them in events mentioned above is really such a pain. Most stabilizer for camera are foldable and only weigh less than 7 pounds which is very suitable for travelling.  In demand camera stabilizer systems are usually made of aluminum with fine tune adjustments which will allow you to extend or retract while eliminating camera shakes that are usually experienced during the shoot. Popular brands such as Blackbird camera stabilizer and Glidecam camera stabilizer usually comes with quick release metal plate, which can easily support large DSLR cameras with heavy lenses. The camera stabilizer arm is durable and designed to keep this type of camera stand and camera steady at any desired position.  When it comes to performance, the fact that the camera stabilizer could stand up on its own, when there is no camera attached to it, alone makes it an excellent piece of equipment.  If you are on the market for a solid camera mount, then you may want to consider a camera stabilizer as it can be held easily and lessens the burden of carrying a heavy camera. However, if you are using a heavier video camcorder or DSLR with heavy lenses, then choose the more sophisticated model which can handle around 10 kilograms of weight. It may cost you a little fortune but certainly it will be all worth it.