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filmmaking-camera-stabilizerIt does not matter how expensive or new your camera is, good shots do not just happen automatically. There is a variety of reasons why your photo is ruined. Most common ways to ruin a shot are underexposure, overexposure, missed focus and poor composition. Regardless of what DSLR camera model you are using, things like this are always remedied by a good technique and lots of experience. It’s obvious that if you want to take a smooth photo, you’ll need to use a camera with reliable metering system and a fairly accurate focusing feature. However, you as the photographer, have to make sure you are making proper use of these features in order to take good photos every time you press the shutter.¬†Sometimes it happens that you give your best – you have got a proper exposure, locked focus and good composition, to realize that you have been rewarded with a blurry image again and again. In such cases, the most common culprit may be the lack of proper image stabilization. Many camera manufacturers are featuring inbuilt stabilization systems, such as Nikon’s Vibration Reduction or Sony’s SteadyShot. The goal of these systems is to allow photographers to capture smooth and sharp images using slower shutter speeds.¬†However, sometimes software-based stabilization isn’t enough. The most popular stabilization system is mounting your camera on a camera stabilizer. Using stabilization with software-based image stabilization turned off gives best results. Mounting your device on a camera mount will give the best results as it doesn’t confuse the camera trying to counteract its own movements and vibrations. However, you can’t have a stabilizer with you at all times, so be sure when you use image stabilization to use it correctly. Using photo stabilization isn’t cheating but do not let it turn you into a lazy photographer without good technique and proper camera mounts.