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Visualize a location in which typical camera movements-panning, booming, titling, even running-come out completely and digital camera shaking and instability no longer exists; where ultra-smooth tracking pictures as well as the ability to catch video from moving vehicles with fluidity usually are not only a possibility but a normal, each day incident. Currently, many manufacturers have created their own video camera stabilizer and improved the quality of their own device. With Glidegear’s camera stabilizers, these are now realities and at reasonable prices to boot! This was a part of our mission from the very start. In just as much as we wish to bring great gear to the hands of professionals and hobbyists, we wish to provide them at prices that will leave the “dreaming” to the imaginative needs of your tasks, not your budgets. The Glidegear camera sliders operates by isolating your digital camera from your hands-and basically, all of the unwanted movement that passes through it. The secret rests on the Glidegear camera stabilizer’s gimbal joint, this enables your camera to apparently float, leaving all the jarring, unbalanced movements behind. Our camera stabilizers are simple to use. Actually, they need no assembly. They’re all set for action right off the box. Balancing the Glidegear video camera stabilizer is easy having its counterweight arm as well as the convenient set of counterweights which are a part of every Glidegear camera stabilizer package. While balancing is a skill which is learned, once mastered, there’s no ending both you and your equipment; only your curiosity can limit your creativity. In the beginning, we’d the serious enthusiast in mind when we were designing the Glidegear camera sliders, but when we got such excited comments and input through the pros as well, we understood we’d a winner! Now, our kits include improve options, accessories that will aid professionals and enthusiasts get the most from their Glidegear camera stabilizers. Make shooting easy, fluid, professional footage your day-to-day reality using the Glidegear camera stabilizers today.