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slider dolly trackChoosing the best filmmaking equipment for your needs will depend on your filming routines and the place of your project. We see that many new amateur filmmakers will show their work on in any video sharing site just to be criticized for the lack of good videography gear used in their film. The problem is that most beginners don’t know what is the best equipment for them. Often times it is just the fact that they do not have enough money to buy the right equipment, which is why their videos look amateur. Tripods are a must for every filmmaker. Obviously, there is a lot more to it than just any old tripod. You have to consider the durability and the kind of head the tripod will provide you with. If you are in need of just a basic tripod, then consider a light, sturdy tripod with a basic head. If you have enough money to go big, then consider going for a heavy duty version. There are a lot to choose from photography shops and online. Camcorder and camera are another essential gear for amateur filmmaking. Have you ever noticed that when new filmmakers post their films online, that it seems dark in the background or that the subject is completely pale and dull? Well that is because the filmmakers did not know that they needed the right videography gear to make there subjects look professional. They are usually cheap, lightweight, and easy to use. If you have money, go for the big ones by purchasing camera slider dolly or camera stabilizers. Wireless microphones are also a must and used if the camcorder and the subject are separated at a considerable distance. Lavaliere microphones are used in having a interview type film, like on the news. Bags are needed for every filmmaker if you are going from place to another. Moreover, they offer a safe place for your filmmaking equipment. You have your soft cases and hard cases. They are both the same other than the hard cases are more for the professionals simply because they provide a little bit more safety against damage. Handheld steadicam is also a must if you will be using your smartphones of iPhone when capturing videos. There are many handheld steady cams to choose from that you can use in focusing on what is directly in front of the camcorder. Keep in mind that with the right videography gear, your movies will turn out great and will earn you more respect as an amateur filmmaker.