smartphone-stabilizerReal time digital camera stabilizers are useful in video cameras for amateur movies and video projects. This is a technique that shifts the electronic image from a frame to another video frame, which is enough to counteract the image movement. The technique reduces vibrations that distract video images. It also helps in improving the quality of still images by allowing the camera man to increase the time for exposure without blurring the image. How to Use Image Stabilizer. Stabilizing an image captured by either a still camera or video camera is an important aspect of video photography. Camera stabilizers are designed to eliminate the shaky aspect of images, which results from taking photographs while the camera is shaking. There are different things that may cause the camera to shake. The most obvious one is taking images with a hand-held camera. However, cameras can still shake even with a tripod stand. Any touch on the camera provides an opportunity for the shots to suffer shakes. Shaking becomes worse when you are zooming because any single shake will magnify the problem. Types of Stabilizing Systems. In most cases, there are two common types of stabilizing systems, which include electrical and optical stabilizing systems. Small video cameras use the electrical stabilizer system. This is because these digital cameras are like computer systems, which use software through electrical systems in an attempt to correct shaky lens. However, the effectiveness of this system varies from one camera to another. On the other hand, optical stabilizers are the most suitable in professional cameras. An optical stabilizer system is superior to electrical systems. Optical camera stabilizers are able to stabilize the image via the lens before projecting the image onto the image sensor. This system also varies from one camera to another. Therefore, it is important to do research and find out the camera with features and abilities that conform to a particular stabilizing system. Turning Image Stabilizing System On. For the image stabilizing system to function you should turn it on first. Every video camera has its own unique way of doing this. Other cameras have an outside switch to turn the system ON while others are accessed through the camera menu. If you have difficulties in switching the system on, you can use the manual.