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camera-steady-stabilizerOne of the most important camera accessories for professional or amateur filmmakers is a camera stabilizer. This gadget plays an important role in shooting subject in motion such as sports photography. This innovative gear puts the camera on point while shooting the video footage hence, expanding the camera capabilities in capturing high quality images at different ground level, position and complicated situations. There are various types of stabilizers available for photography enthusiasts. Each camera brand has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the commonly used equipment are DSLR rigs, POV rigs and camcorder rig for amateur or professional users. Moose Rig Moose rig is the best DSLR accessory any photographer must have; the rig has is composed of two arms which provides a solid platform. The rig can support heavy weight cameras. Prime DSLR rigs. As an owner of 5D Mark III, 5d Mark II, Canon DSLR 7D or Canon DSLR 60 D the best rig to choose is the prime DSLR rig. The rig has a maximum support of up to four kilograms weight of camera plus the accessories. The rig is designed for convenient use and to easily adjust the quad pod for stabilization. The rig is not only limited to the brands mentioned above it can also cater for other camera brands such as Nikon, Pentax or Panasonic.Whatever camera stabilizer they chose, the major factors to consider includes versatility, better positioning and stability. The versatility of the camera stabilizer allows the photographer to attach other accessories that will further enhance the quality of the photo or video that they’re capturing. Camera stabilizer allows the user to get better positions to capture videos at their best forms, since the support can be tilted to the desired direction or angle. So if you want to level up your photography or videography skills, a stabilizer for camera is really a must have in your list.