Why One Must Consider The Personal Injury Claim

camera-mount-glidegearSo there’s an event that you are covering, perhaps a parade festival or some kind event where you need to keep moving around. You have brought one digital camera, some lenses, and that old fashioned and heavy camera stand or tripod. Most people suggest to use a tripod, and that should be a must have for every photographer. But bringing that piece of equipment with you in such event would really make you wish to throw it away. But no one suggested bringing a tripod when following a parade, or perhaps covering a parade with only one camera and one photographer.  Just imagine catching all the action and running with the tripod. What would the shots look like? Leave the tripod at home and find your other options. So what is the ideal photography equipment for covering a show, parades or other sporting events? First, you need to plan ahead and find out what other equipment is available to you. As much as possible, choose the lightest DSLR camera, and a lightweight camera stabilizer system or any type of camera mount. You don’t need a heavy professional camera in these kinds of events. There are modern camera stabilizers in the market today that are light weight and durable, and suitable for covering subjects in motion. These types of equipment may cost a little fortune but they are a perfect investment for your future video production. Choose a stabilizer for camera that has a swivel-ball type connection to easily point and shoot in any angle and at the same time stabilizes the camera. If the above mentioned are not an option for you right now, then you can find a solid surface where you can place your camera and lean your entire body on while you shoot your videos. This may not be the best option for covering parades and sporting events, but you can take this opportunity to practice your photography skills. You will be surprised someday that you can still keep you camera steady even without using a camera stand.