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mini-stabilizers-for-iphoneWhen making a movie, be it professional or an amateur video project, keeping the camera steady play an immense role. Even a slightest movement can make the whole video viewing experience unpleasant. While professional cameras do have fancy equipment to prevent the unintended shakes, smaller pocket friendly cameras and mobiles are comparatively tougher to handle. For beginners iPhone can be the best video camera. Most people are unaware of the fact that stabilizers do exist for iPhones. Some of the few best camera stabilizers are Hague Motion Cam Stabilizer. Other similar products include- Manfrotto 585 ModoSteady Stabilizer, Steadicam Smoothie and Lensse. Camera Stabilizer is basically stabilizing system which allows us to make optimum use of the video camera on the iPhone to make super smooth and steady shots. The iPhone fits directly into the camera mount which can be fastened to the stabilizer. This gadget was designed for the phone to be moved sideways, forward and back to adjust the balance.At the bottom of the Mini Camera Stabilizer lies an easily adjustable counterbalance platform laden with weights. As soon as the weights are balanced, it is very quick and extremely simple to level the iPhone. For easy balancing of the phone, a selection of weights are supplied. Camera Stabilizers are generally made of aluminum but the counterbalance weights are zinc plated and are suitable for the iPhone and iPod Touch depending upon the chosen mount option. The standard 1/4-20 thumbscrew allows us to mount most cameras and the universal smartphone holder will allow us to use the stabilizer with any smartphone or iPhone. Approximate size of the stabilizer can be : – Weight-650gm . Length is 19cm. x Width 3.5cm. x Height 36cm, plus the counterbalance weights.There are people who build their own stabilizers at home using DIY skills, but with those DIY kits cannot be used efficiently as they lack a lot of key and useful functions. Using a Camera Stabilizer one can get the gliding, floating camera look, but we should also understand that a stabilizer is not an easy tool to use, at the same time it is very essential for smooth movement and for shots in motion. A camera stabilizer adds a huge amount of professionalism and polish to any video project, but great amount of practice and patience is required to make the most out of it. With a proper stabilizer, even an amateur can make a professional quality video project using just the everyday iPhone.